If only I could make a wedding dress from kimono fabric.
Whether it’s a Western style ceremony or a traditional Japanese ceremony, wouldn’t the beauty of traditional Japanese textiles and the brilliance of the wedding dress together become the greatest unveiling of them all?At Morie Bridal we create custom orders from kimono that customers bring in to us.
It could be a keepsake from your Grandmother or your furisode from your Coming-of-Age Day.
Taking the kimono that represents you and your family ties and reviving it as a beautiful wedding dress has been a popular subject in the media of late.
Wherever in your home your kimono might be resting, to reuse it is to be able to give Japanese culture a new from to be inherited in the future.”I must hand down these beautiful textiles.”
It was from this concept that Morie Bridal came to be.

*For customers who don’t have their own kimono, you have the option of choosing from kimono fabric that we have at the store.




How much is a custom order?

It depends on the design.
In the case of a dress, the average price (including alterations) is anywhere from 120,000 yen to 300,000 yen. Paid at the time of order.
In the case of everyday wear:
Shirts/Blouses 20,000 yen~
Vest 30,000 yen~
Coat 80,000 yen~

Do I choose from a premade designs?

You can choose from photo samples we have in the salon. Or you could bring in your own photo examples if you wish. We will redraw the design as many times as you request until you are satisfied. Redrawing the design is always free.

How long does it take?

From the first consultation until the rough sample is completed, generally, takes about 3 months. Shirts and the like don’t need a rough sample, so they usually take anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks.

How many times do I have to come?

Generally 3 times. Once for the initial consultation, once to see the rough sample, and once to see the finished product.

What’s a rough sample?

We first make the garment according to your specified design out of a cotton fabric callee Toile. We do this so we can check the design, silhouette, details, and size before making the garment from your kimono.

Do I need the rough samples?

There’s no replacement for your precious kimono, so in reality the rough sample is a necessary step to ensure the details of the garment before cutting your kimono. It is also needed so I can make sure the garment fits perfectly with my own image.

About design changes

We are sorry to say that there is an extra charge if you decide to change designs after the rough sample is created.


If you cancel your order before the rough sample is created there is a 50% cancellation fee?After the rough sample is created there is a 100% cancellation fee. In the case that there is no sample, if you cancel before the cutting of the fabric, the cancellation fee is 50%, after cutting the fee is 100%.
We cannot accept exchanges, cancellations, or returns after delivery of goods.

Should I come with my kimono intact?

It’s not a problem if you come to the store with your kimono as it is.
The price of taking your kimono apart is included free in your order. After we confirm your payment we will begin taking apart your kimono.

What if I change my mind?

We apologize, but we cannot always put the kimono back together if you change your mind after the fact.

It’s an old kimono, so what about Stanislaw

Of course we will try our best to avoid any sections with stains or dirt, but if there is some area that we cannot avoid, we can always hide the stains by adding beads and such over it.

What if I don’t have a kimonos

Not a problem! We can search for a fabric for you based on your budget and desires.

Can you use a haori or a child’s kimono?

Children’s kimono, haori, obi, men’s kimono, we can discuss anything you bring in.

What about the leftover fabric?

We could make it into a corsage, or a hat, or a bag. Please feel free to discuss your options with us. We have many brides who give corsages made from the remaining fabric to all the female guests as a reception present.

Can you make a matching hair accessory?

We make matching hair accessories for almost all of our brides.

What do I do with the dress after the ceremony?

We have started making the original dress into a new dress to be worn at friend’s weddings and other formal occasions.