Kimono Remake, What’s That?

Kimono Remake: Breathing New Life into Kimono

morietokyodressshiboriWalking into any bookstore in Japan you’ll most likely find at least a few books on kimono remake. But what exactly is kimono remake? And why is it so important?

Simply speaking, kimono remake is the act of taking an old or seldom worn kimono and making it into something new. Many people might have an emotional attachment to their kimono or perhaps they are a family heirloom, but kimono tend to be quite difficult to wear everyday and there are often strict rules of when and where certain kimono can be worn. So kimono remake was born as a way to bring the beauty of kimono into everyday life.


But kimono remake isn’t only important simply for it’s sentimental value, but also as a way to keep traditional textiles in Japan alive and relevant. There are countless types of textiles specialties in Japan, and with less and less people wearing kimono, the number of craftsmen specializing in these techniques are also dwindling. Not only that, but with less demand current craftsmen as well are finding it harder and harder to sustain their art. But thanks to the renewed interest in kimono and kimono textiles these craftsmen can continue to make their beautiful work, and society at large can benefit from preserving these techniques for future generations.

It is from this mindset that Morie Tokyo was born. We hope that we can keep the knowledge and appreciation of hand-crafted Japanese textiles alive and transform it into something that can be enjoyed daily, instead of being worn only once and then put away in the closet. We would love to share our knowledge and love of kimono fabric and textiles with you, so please stop in anytime~